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The Source Code Developer Academy is the result of a partnership between Code Fellows out of the USA and TEN Habitat.  The academy delivers an in-person immersion into coding that equips from non-coders to advance level developers with software development skills enhanced with entrepreneurship integration. Our focus is to use the process of startup acceleration to shape passionate coders with immersive training to meet industry needs and improve the quality of talent on the tech scene within very short periods of time.  We combine the startup acceleration process within our existing startup hub to create a Stacked Learning approach. With this approach, students are introduced to a new topic each day while adding to their understanding of previous concepts.


In every course, students get hands-on development experience, working in teams to apply their training and building apps that expand their skills. Advanced-level students specialize in full-stack JavaScriptPython, or ASP.NET development, and are better equipped to build stronger technology companies or contribute to the culture and goals of the companies they join.

The academy runs a curriculum designed and developed by Code Fellows for all its "Powered by Code Fellows" Schools. Like our partners we are big on results! Below is a list of the amazing companies who have hired Code Fellows graduates.

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We believe that if the Caribbean is to become more innovative we must become producers of technology and not just consumers of it

Our Purpose

Creating realistic avenues for individuals to benefit from the lucrative global technology industry 

Our Mission

Our Vision

We envision a Caribbean where access to software developers with sought after industry skills is more common place than it is today; with a cadre of trained technologists able to contribute to innovation and the transformation of the regional startup ecosystem

Where Developers Are Made

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