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So you're considering taking the step into the lucrative world of technology and software development, then let's help you to make the move by applying to Source Code Developer Academy! We are excited to be on this journey with you and are here to help you every step of the way. Should you become stuck or have questions at any point in the process, get in touch.

To make submitting your application as straightforward as possible, we've written up this guide that explains each phase of the process. We've also included some tips on how to prepare for and ace the interviews and entrance test.

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Step 1: The Application

Step 2: The Phone Interview

Step 3: The Pre-Work and Entrance Test

Step 4: The Final Interview

How to Reserve Your Spot

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Paying for a Course


How to Apply


To find out which course is right for your experience level, check out the topics and prerequisites for each of our courses. If you're starting from scratch, check out this list of online resources for learning the basics of coding.

Once you've picked which option fits your goals, here are the steps you'll go through for the application and enrollment process:

Step 1: The Application

If you're ready to submit your application for a course, let us know! In your email, please include the:

  • Name of the course you want to apply for

  • Start and end dates

  • Track (Daytime or Nights & Weekends)


We'll respond within one to two business days with a link for you to set up a phone call with an Admissions Advisor. This link will include a few questions to help us get a better understanding of your experience and goals. Once you hit submit, your phone call will be booked with the Admissions Advisor who will call you at your preferred time and date.


Step 2: The Phone Interview

The initial phone interview is a 15-30 minute conversation where you can learn more about the courses we offer. During this time, we also get a better idea of your goals and help you figure out how to reach them.

For the phone interview, be prepared to discuss:

  • Your background

  • Any previous experience with coding (including online tutorials)

  • Why you are interested in Source Code Developer Academy

  • What you hope to get out of the experience

  • Your long term goals


Step 3: Pre-work and The Entrance Test

If you’re applying to Code 201, you’ll have the option to either sign up for Code 102 to work through the pre-work in a structured classroom setting. Otherwise, if you feel fairly comfortable you can work through the pre-work on your own. If you decide to self-study, your Admissions Advisor will send you a link to get started on the course work.

Regardless of which method you choose, both will conclude with an entrance test designed to test for comprehension of the pre-work. During your phone interview your Admissions Advisor will discuss all relevant timelines as it pertains to your entrance test due date.

This is the end of the Code 201 and Code 301 application process. At this point, we’ll review your submitted evaluation and let you know if you are accepted into the course. If you aren’t quite ready for the course you've selected, we will help place you in the course that best matches your skill level, or tell you what you need to do get to your desired course level.


Step 4: The Final Interview

If you are testing directly into a Code 401 course, the final step is a technical interview. At this point, you'll get a chance to explain the code you submitted. You may also be quizzed on the stack you're applying to and your skill set to make sure that you’re ready for the intensity and advanced level of the course ahead.

Please bring your laptop for this interview, and be prepared to explain your process in solving problems and make changes to your code based on your interviewer's suggestions. You may also be asked about your long-term goals, any other programming languages you have experience with, and your familiarity with computer science terms and concepts. If you aren’t local, your interview can can be completed over Skype.


How to Reserve Your Spot

Going through the application process is completely commitment-free, so if at any point in the process you decide that this isn't the right path for you, just let us know.

Code 101: If you're ready to take Code 101, you can sign up directly for a date that works for you. No application necessary!

Spots go fast, and your seat is saved as soon as you register. To help you prepare for the workshop and set up your computer, we'll send you some prework to get you started. If you run into any trouble, we'll be on hand to help you before the workshop starts.

Code 201, Code 301, & Code 401: Your seat is saved in these courses when you’ve received your acceptance email, signed your contract, and paid your deposit. Insider tip: Apply at least two months in advance. This not only gives you time to go through the complete application and interview process, but also allows time to plan finances, complete the prework, and arrange your work schedule before the start of class.

For all Code 201, Code 301, and Code 401 courses, your spot is saved when you sign your contract and pay your deposit. Don’t delay once you have the acceptance email (virtually) in hand!

Continuing On

If you are currently enrolled in a course (or are a previous student) and would like to continue on through the program, please send us your preferred course, start date and track (Daytime or Nights & Weekends). Direct enrollment depends on capacity and successful completion of the previous course.


Paying for a Course

All Code 201, Code 301, and Code 401 students in both Daytime and Nights & Weekends tracks can apply for loans through the Barbados Public Workers Co-orporate Credit Union Limited.

If you're paying for a course out of pocket, would like to talk to an Admissions Advisor about other payment options, or have any other questions about financing, or student loans, please let us know.

Phone Inteview
Final Interview
Reserve Your Spot
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