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Financing Your Tuition

Here's how we help

Exploring your options for financing? We’re here to help! We have partnered with the local credit union, Barbados Public Workers Co-operative Credit Union Limited to provide some of the best options for you.

Our financing options below are available for all courses in our Daytime and Nights & Weekends tracks, from Code 201 to Code 401.

Payment Plan for Code 201

We know you’re working hard to plan out this major step in your life, and we want to help. We offer a payment plan to anyone who is accepted to Code 201, signs their contract, and pays the $500 USD deposit at least four weeks before the first day of class. Get in touch to learn more »


Paying for a Course

All Code 201, Code 301, and Code 401 students in both Daytime and Nights & Weekends tracks can apply for loans through the Barbados Public Workers Co-orporate Credit Union Limited.

If you're paying for a course out of pocket, would like to talk to an Admissions Advisor about the payment plans we offer, or have any other questions about financing, or student loans, please let us know.

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